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Posted by Belinda Alzner on November 06, 2012


The Jack Webster Foundation honoured journalism in British Columbia last week, presenting its annual awards to news organizations.

The big winner on the night was the Vancouver Sun, taking home five awards, including Patricia Graham’s Bruce Hutchinson Lifetime Achievement Award. The CBC, which had been nominated for a total of 12 awards across all platforms, took home three. The Vancouver Province won in two categories.


Chantal Hébert delivered a keynote speech on new media, journalism and political discourse. In her speech, the text for which can be found on Toronto Star’s website, Hébert called for news organizations to “agree to find a way for the gist of their political reporting to remain freely accessible to all comers” in reference to the fact that many of Canada’s largest newspapers’ websites will be behind paywalls come 2013.

You can find the full list of Webster awards winners here.

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