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Posted by Belinda Alzner on January 16, 2013


The Canadian Association of Journalists is accepting applications for its 2012 awards program until Feb. 8.

Applications for the awards, which will be given out at the CAJ annual conference taking place May 3-5 in Ottawa, will be submitted online this year — a first for CAJ.


The CAJ has teamed up with Better Newspaper Contest to manage entries and has provided detailed instructions for how to do so. CAJ awards committee chair Dale Bass explained to me in an email that journalists can add clips to their BNC account throughout the year as they think of them, saving them the awards-season panic of finding the pieces they want to submit.

The awards program is similar to last year and all the categories that awards will be given out in can be found here. As well, information on the CAJ/CAW group student award of excellence can be found here.

Entries fees depend on CAJ member status and number of people on the team being entered. Details can be found here

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