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Posted by Belinda Alzner on January 29, 2013

The Globe and Mail's Book section hasn’t been killed, but there are some changes being made to it.

A story published on NOW Magazine’s website Monday night said the The Globe was ‘slashing’ its Books section, reporting that editor Martin Levin and assistant editor Jack Kirchhoff would serve in those roles no longer. A tweet by the magazine suggested an even worse fate for the section.

Almost immediately, The Globe’s media reporter Steve Ladurantaye clarified that no, the section was not being killed and the magazine admitted that its first tweet perhaps wasn’t as clear as it could have been.

Neither Gabe Gonda, The Globe’s arts and life editor, or Sylvia Stead, The Globe’s public editor, responded to an email I sent last night, asking them to clarify what was going on with the section and the editors affected, but Ladurantaye posted a copy of a memo sent by editor-in-chief John Stackhouse that called the Now story “hogwash.”

“The reality is that we are as committed as ever to both books coverage and book reviews. While space and style continue to change, the importance of books to the Globe does not,” Stackhouse wrote.

As for what is happening to the former editors of the Books section? Well, there’s some clarity on Levin, at least. 

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