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Posted by Tamara Baluja on June 05, 2013

French-language CBC is changing its name from Radio-Canada to “ICI,” which means ‘here’ in French.

“We want to remake Radio-Canada because more than ever it must be a living space, an open organization, flexible and agile,” said Louis Lalande, executive vice-president of French services in a press release.

The name change had been rumoured for several months, and follows over a year of internal survey.  A video on Radio Canada’s website explains the public broadcaster is more than just radio – it’s operations include television, music and digital platforms.

*Video courtesy of CBC/YouTube

The public broadcaster says it has used the word “ICI” in the past in its promotional slogan, “Ici Radio-Canada.” According to the Canadian Press, “Radio-Canada hasn’t said how much money is being spent on the rebranding effort, but says $400,000 was spent on external consultants while 95 per cent of the work was covered by existing communications budgets.”

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