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Posted by H.G. Watson on October 21, 2015

Subject: Reimagined Update - Tablet Magazine

When we launched the reimagined 2.0 products in Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary it allowed us to try something bold and new. Not only did we totally redesign the look of all of our offerings, including our masthead, we also launched our tablet magazine – a beautifully designed and dynamic new product. Ultimately, we found that while the magazine product garnered initial acclaim for its design, it didn’t find a critical mass of audience or advertisers.

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We have made the decision that we will stop publishing our tablet magazine – today will be the last edition. The iPad apps for Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary have been updated to the refreshed app version recently launched in Edmonton and Windsor and we will redirect our subscribers there. The app provides real-time news and information throughout the day versus the magazine’s once a day publication.

We are extremely proud of the magazine experiment and of everyone involved in our efforts to innovate our products, grow our audiences, leverage our strengths and deliver to our audiences and advertisers.

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