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Posted by Belinda Alzner on February 01, 2012

J-Source’s Belinda Alzner and Rhiannon Russell went out out to OpenFile headquarters in Toronto to talk with Wilf Dinnick about being recognized as J-Source's Newsperson of the Year. In this interview, Dinnick talks about what the award means for him, his team and investors in local collaborative news.

(Clockwise from left: CEO Wilf Dinnick working at OpenFile's Liberty Village headquarters in Toronto; Dinnick and social media and community editor Sarah Millar; A view of the office where Dinnick works with CFO Andrew Harmon, Millar, and web development team ninth+crux media. Photos by Belinda Alzner)

Stay tuned later this week for some background from Dinnick on what OpenFile did in 2011 that set them apart.

UPDATE: Feb. 3

Wilf Dinnick talks about OpenFile in 2011, and what lays ahead for the online news website.


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