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Posted by Rhiannon Russell on November 14, 2012

In 2010, Toronto Sun editorial page editor and columnist Rob Granatstein recorded an editorial board meeting with Rob Ford, who was a Toronto city councillor at the time.

Now Toronto mayor, Ford is the subject of a libel suit for comments he allegedly made during this meeting.

This week, Granatstein, who is now senior producer and director of Canada.com, relistened to the recording – the only recording – of what was said.

On the website this morning, he wrote about what he legally could do with the tape:

“As it turns out, that tape isn’t mine, every lawyer agreed on that fact. Under the Copyright Act, even though I taped the meeting on my recorder, then took it home and put it on my home computer because I thought it might come in handy down the road, the tape belonged to the Toronto Sun, my former employer.”

Read Granatstein’s full article here.



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