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Posted by Belinda Alzner on November 28, 2012

CBC reports that members of the Winnipeg media attended an exclusive party hosted by Ikea Monday evening:

Ikea, the Swedish retail giant which opens its Winnipeg store to the general public on Wednesday, invited media to an exclusive party on Monday night, lavishing them with beer and champagne, live music and a gift bag of free Ikea stuff, in addition to the chance to shop at the store with a 15 per cent discount.

The possibility that journalists accepted freebies at the party raised a significant ethical issue to some.

Former journalism professor and author of a book on journalistic ethics Nick Russell told CBC that, to the public, it makes journalists look like they “are just what they're made out to be in the old movies — freeloaders, drunks,"

CBC reports 250 attended the event, and that the invitation was extended to mainstream media members, bloggers and other social media types. (CBC says it declined the invitation to shop with the discount.)


According to CTV Winnipeg, media got an advance look at the store last Wednesday, prior to the party.

Read the full story on CBC's website.


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