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27 March 2015
How journalist and former Canadian Geographic editor Dan Rubinstein made the leap from 5,000-word features to a book-length project.
03 September 2014
Networking is a big part of job hunting, but how do you get started? Canadian Association of Journalists membership chair Ellin Bessner shares her tips.
05 June 2014
A J-Source reader asked for advice on jump-starting a career as a freelance journalist. Rebecca Collard, a Canadian freelancer working in the Middle East and North Africa, shares her tips. This
28 April 2014
A Toronto student journalist asks what the essential tools are in a journalist’s bag. As Carl Meyer, foreign affairs reporter at Embassy Newspaper , writes, the tools range from must-have gadgets to
24 March 2014
A J-Source reader asked what he should look for in a freelance contract to make sure it is fair. Rebecca Collard, a Canadian freelance journalist working in the Middle East and North Africa, says
13 March 2014
A J-Source reader asked for advice covering police, fire and other emergency-related stories. Hugo Rodrigues, the CAJ president, shares his advice for following the story after it hits your scanners
03 March 2014
A reader from Alberta asks if he should hold out until he’s in his 30s to land a well-paying journalism gig or if he should jump ship now and move onto another industry that pays better and has more
14 February 2014
When Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale launched his lawsuit against Mayor Rob Ford and said he would continue to report on the city hall beat, a J-Source reader asked if it was acceptable to write
27 January 2014
A reader asked for advice in determining when something is in the public interest. Canadian Association of Journalists member Jim Bronskill, a Canadian Press reporter, says a guiding principle is to


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