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18 November 2014
This book is only marginally about journalism, made clear by the absence of a reference to “news” in its title. It is at least as much about sociology and marketing.
11 November 2014
Based on the Dalton Camp Lectures in Journalism, an annual series at St. Thomas University, in Fredericton, 11 esteemed journalists talk at length about journalism, Canada, war, standing up to power
10 November 2014
Veteran CBC New Brunswick journalist Jacques Poitras’ new book, Irving vs. Irving: Canada’s Feuding Billionaires and the Stories They Won’t Tell, is a lively collection about how the Irvings run
08 September 2014
Journalist Nick Davies’ new book is a primer on great reporting and a morality tale about unethical journalism.
04 September 2014
Once you earn that hard-won job, you will be too busy doing journalism to read or even think deeply about capital-J journalism. Books Editor Dan Rowe recommends five books that may or may not appear
08 May 2014
Osgoode Hall constitutional law professor Jamie Cameron argues that Tom Flanagan’s public shaming over controversial comments on child pornography was a combination of a professional contrarian’s
28 April 2014
Ian Mulgrew, a Vancouver Sun columnist and author of a book about Canada’s marijuana industry, reviews Killer Weed , a new academic study that claims newspapers in Vancouver and Victoria have
01 April 2014
Drawing from extensive interviews with more than 100 key players in Canadian and British broadcast newsrooms, Rena Bivens’s Digital Currents is rich with insider examples and perspectives on the
21 March 2014
Duffy: Stardom to Senate to Scandal is well-researched and elegantly written biography of Mike Duffy, from his days as an ambitious kid and his climb out of the Maritimes, to becoming a journalist


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