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13 March 2014
It’s not easy to report on the Fords, writes Jan Wong, but the Toronto Star ’s Robyn Doolittle is a journalist who has gotten the story right, over and over again. And yet the public either refuses
20 February 2014
Dan Rowe, coordinator of Humber College’s Bachelor of Journalism program and former Quill & Quire news editor, takes over the book review section.
10 February 2014
Edited by Craig Silverman, the founder and editor of Regret the Error, The Verification Handbook contains case studies written by various journalists working in digital media. The book is easy to
22 October 2013
Former Canadian Press journalist Catherine McKercher writes that Allen's book is a thorough chronological analysis of the first 50 years of Canadian Press. She hopes for a sequel.
07 October 2013
Michael Maclear is not as well-known as he should be, writes David Common, host of CBC’s World Report , in this review of the journalist’s latest book Guerilla Nation. But that’s a shame because
24 September 2013
Stephen Puddicombe, a veteran CBC reporter with 15 years of experience working as a conflict zone reporter, says Lindhout’s book about her kidnapping in Somalia concerns him. He worries about the
05 June 2013
In her new book, University of Alberta professor Patricia Demers examines the legacy of Miriam Green Ellis, an all-but-forgotten agricultural reporter from the Prairies who refused to be confined to
16 May 2013
Two years after covering the Arab Spring, CBC reporter Nahlah Ayed's memoir has been released in paperback with a new epilogue chronicling the civil war in Syria and her return to Tahrir Square. A
09 May 2013
"As “the mother corp” faces the potential loss of broadcast rights for Hockey Night in Canada, veteran broadcaster and media strategist Wade Rowland argues we have less than two years to find a way


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