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21 January 2013
Canadian Television: Text and Context is an "exemplary collection" of essays and is about both the substance and practice of television studies, and offers myriad solutions to some of the above
05 July 2012
“Out of the Blue” is a gripping memoir of Jan Wong's struggle with depression and about the end of the love affair with her newspaper. It shines a light on ignorance about clinical depression and on
25 April 2012
The Tower of Babble by Richard Stursberg is a mass of contradictions, says Howard Bernstein in this review. So, why read it? A few reasons: It is a rare opportunity to see inside CBC management. It
28 February 2012
Intersections of Media and Communications: Concepts and Critical Framework offers the thought-provoking and intriguing entry points to a field undergoing a most fascinating transformation, but
26 January 2012
What’s the number one issue facing Canadian media? According to Peter Steven, it’s diversity. Steven, a professor of media studies at Sheridan College in Ontario, has written a guide to Canadian
19 January 2012
In Feeling Canadian , Marusya Bociurkiw tackles the difficult and often frustrating topic of Canadian identity. Bociurkiw’s work yields a wide-ranging book that often strays from its initial
13 October 2011
In Second Wounds , media scholar Carrie Rentschler traces the emergence of victim advocacy in the U.S. from the sixties until the present. Rentschler also explores the relationship the victim’s
27 July 2011
Mark Kearney takes a look at The New Journalist -- and discovers a resource that was designed for longevity in the fast-changing journo world.
21 June 2011
After a year of teaching with the text, J-Source asked two j-school profs what they thought of Robert Cribb, Dean Jobb, David McKie, Fred Vallance-Jones' second edition of Digging Deeper: A Canadian


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