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13 April 2016
After 10 paper closures in six years, Black Press says its remaining outlets are faring well.Read more
02 March 2016
Torstar Corp. is reporting a $234.5-million loss for the fourth quarter, mostly as a result of writing down the value of its newspaper businesses.
29 February 2016
In Canada, just four companies controlled 85 per cent of all television revenue in 2014.Read more
17 February 2016
CRTC Chairman Jean-Pierre Blais shares his thoughts on television news and the changes that will soon be coming to Canadian television.
04 February 2016
At a time when national and local mainstream media seem to be downsizing and shutting down daily, where does Canada’s ethnic media fit in?
03 February 2016
Top publishers Phillip Crawley of The Globe and Mail and John Cruickshank of the Toronto Star join La Presse COO Pierre-Elliott Levasseur to discuss finding the right revenue model to support quality
25 January 2016
26 people laid off from 149-year-old daily newspaper serving Guelph area.Read more
20 January 2016
90 people are without jobs as a result of Jan. 19’s newsroom mergers and cuts.Read more
20 January 2016
Potential lockout and strike looms over the Chronicle Herald by the end of this week.Read more


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