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08 December 2015
Websites like Twitter, Facebook, influences what gets reported and what audiences read.Read more
13 November 2015
Digital media workers unite to discuss campaigns to improve journalism and workers’ rights.Read more
09 November 2015
Recent ruling ending ad substitution and policy change decreasing Canadian content have an effect.Read more
06 November 2015
The new 24/7 channel will premiere in winter 2016 and feature mix of international and Canadian content.Read more
30 October 2015
The CMG and SCRC, two of the unions that represent CBC and Radio-Canada members, say there is a lack of confidence in CBC leadership.
29 October 2015
Subscriptions jumped after Globe published 10,000 word story on Justin Trudeau after the election.
08 October 2015
Tools like Kickstarter have made it possible for Aboriginal journalists to fill a reporting gap.Read
01 October 2015
Six full-time staff affected at the paper serving a community of 25,000 after Black Press decides to shut paper down.
13 August 2015
For doctoral research on the working conditions of freelance journalists, Mirjam Gollmitzer conducted in-depth interviews with freelancers and interns across Germany.


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