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06 February 2015
Cecil Rosner’s book delves into the previously undocumented history of investigative journalism in Canada.
06 February 2015
RCI is the international broadcasting service of the CBC.Read more
06 February 2015
Edward Rogers founded station, invented the world’s first AC-powered receiver.Read more
05 February 2015
Diane Dakers’ book outlines how the Victoria operation became the only employee-owned TV station in North America.
03 February 2015
As part of the new Broadcasting Act, the CRTC replaced the Board of Broadcast Governors as the overseeing agency.
27 January 2015
It was established with the objective of defending the interests of Canada’s private broadcasters.
19 January 2015
The APTN was created after the CRTC issued the Therrien Commitee Report.Read
14 January 2015
Samuel Neilson ran a printing shop and the Quebec Gazette, a paper that published the government’s official announcements.
08 January 2015
First on the air in 1974, Global now has 11 stations throughout the country.Read more


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