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06 July 2017
The complainant was present in the House of Commons 35 years ago when a female MP got up to ask a question about violence against women.
04 July 2017
Star Touch is exactly why the feds need to leave the news business to its death throes.Read more
30 June 2017
Toronto Star editor Doug Cudmore’s account of the day a man called The Star newsroom saying he had a hostage.
29 June 2017
The launch of The Conversation Canada is an opportunity to contribute to the quality of explanatory journalism in this country.
28 June 2017
Canadian news consumers have embraced mobile devices and social media for their fix, but still view traditional outlets as the most trustworthy source.
28 June 2017
«Les internautes canadiens, tant anglophones que francophones, se montrent plutôt critiques à l’égard des médias sociaux», soulignent les auteurs.
27 June 2017
The complainant thought swearing on an online video of an eyewitness recording of a bus billowing smoke was in violation of policy.
26 June 2017
The Globe should not use terms that are both inaccurate and insulting to any group in society.
16 June 2017
Reporters need to better describe a leader's political philosophy and beyond the image they want to project.


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