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09 December 2013
The Globe and Mail 's public editor Sylvia Stead asked readers to be reporters for the day and offer (up to) five questions they have for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.
09 December 2013
Canadian Journalists for Free Expression honour courageous journalists who seek truth and report it whatever the obstacles, including jail and torture.
29 November 2013
In the medium of television, you don't have a story without images. CBC's investigative documentary program, the fifth estate is no stranger to that problem. But when its producers decided to present
27 November 2013
Canada’s newspaper editorial writers and columnists seem reluctant to discuss the country’s problematic access-to-information system. The Unknowable Country columnist Sean Holman wants to know why.
22 November 2013
Paying a $5,000 fee for a video showing Mayor Rob Ford in a drunken, angry tirade is not out of line with the Star ’s guidelines on paying for information, says the newspaper's public editor Kathy
14 November 2013
For some time, journalists and their associations have been trying anxiously to define “journalist” and “journalism” as a media revolution blurs the differences between professional journalists and
01 November 2013
Police verification of Mayor Rob Ford 'crack cocaine' video is vindication for the Toronto Star – and for journalism, writes the newspaper's public editor Kathy English.
28 October 2013
In this new monthly column, Sean Holman maps the boundaries of openness and accountability in Canada and explores what they mean for the people, the press and the powerful.
23 October 2013
With an increasingly diverse audience in a diverse country, Globe editors struggle to standardize spelling with non-English languages, although that standardization does not include accents.


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