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10 April 2017
No kidding here: Given widespread concerns about fake news, this is no time for newsrooms to play with far-fetched fraudulent news just for fun.
10 April 2017
It is time we did more to close the media credibility gap.Read more
06 April 2017
The complainant objected to one reference to Bashar al-Assad as “dictator” in a panel discussion on The National.
05 April 2017
Changes in store for the 2017 edition, produced by the biggest masthead in its history.Read more
30 March 2017
Canadians need a public news fund to save journalism — and democracy.Read more
22 March 2017
The same critical eye that is applied to the articles needs to be applied in that big eye catching headline as well.
22 March 2017
The complainant was concerned about the qualifying phrase “even so” in a paragraph about the makeup of the federal firearms advisory committee.
21 March 2017
With journalism under attack, it’s important that journalists focus on the basics of the craft and not become defensive. That will keep readers’ trust
20 March 2017
They'll never be the dominant news medium again, but maybe vinyl records can teach them something about sticking around.Read more


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