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08 December 2016
​The complainant thought an interview with a doctor critical of the rules for dispensing the abortion drug RU-486 was one-sided.
06 December 2016
The complainant pointed out an error in a Day 6 broadcast, and in its related web material.Read more
03 December 2016
‘The status quo is unacceptable.’ Canadian media must listen to Indigenous voices to help build truth and reconciliation.
02 December 2016
Hard news alone cannot fulfill the CBC’s mandate. Opinions can help do that.Read more
29 November 2016
A note from a reader serves as a good reminder to journalists that not every reader knows what some terms mean and it’s incumbent on journalists to be careful with them and to explain them clearly
25 November 2016
The complainant thought a reporter should not have used the colloquial phrase “kick out” to describe an incident in which a student was told to leave an exam for refusing to remove her hijab.
25 November 2016
CBC News in Montreal published a story about SNC-Lavalin and illegal political contributions they had given to the Liberal and Conservative parties over a 7-year period.
23 November 2016
Reader takes Globe to task for ‘unerringly positive’ story about ‘extremely controversial’ project
22 November 2016
The complainant thought a story on The National about Liberal cabinet minister Maryam Monsef was a journalistic failure.


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