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09 December 2015
CBC reporter Stefani Langenegger, a full-time politics reporter at the legislature, was taken off the beat this year, to many people’s surprise.
03 December 2015
Participants at the Community Media Convergence discuss how to support their activities in advance of CRTC review of local and community broadcasting in 2016.
01 October 2015
This summer, mounting legal costs forced Joey Coleman to shut down his website that covered Hamilton’s city hall.
30 June 2015
Independent media has the power to not only project the voices of the oppressed, but change mainstream narratives by bringing their issues to the forefront.
05 June 2015
Workshop hosted by Journalists for Human Rights and Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres aims to bridge Aboriginal communities with the journalists who report on them.
27 May 2015
In April, Postmedia cut the comments sections of many of its newly acquired Ontario papers.Read more
04 February 2015
Connie Walker, Delaney Windigo and Kyle Edwards discuss reporting on Canadian Indigenous communities in this Ryerson panel.
17 December 2014
In separate transactions, 15 British Columbia papers change ownership.Read more
13 August 2014
The Canadian newswire is partnering with Newzulu, a user-generated content aggregator, to provide crowdsourced, verified photo content.


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