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05 September 2013
Trent University and Loyalist College officially launched a news bureau Wednesday as part of a joint journalism program run by the two schools. Jane Harrison, director of special projects and former
27 August 2013
The Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma, in partnership with CBC News and the Mental Health Commission of Canada, has begun work on a comprehensive, Canadian guide to mental health
31 July 2013
Newsana bills itself as a way of elevating the public's conversation around news, whether it is politics, sports, entertainment, technology or whatever interests people. Ben Peterson, CEO of Newsana
30 July 2013
With new and emerging technology being updated constantly, it is hard to remember what it was like when the internet invaded Canadian newsrooms around 20 years ago. David Cadogan remembers. His
29 July 2013
Audio editing news pieces can be time-consuming, so a group has collaborated to create a mobile phone app — which is still being tested — to streamline the process “like Google Docs for audio.”
25 July 2013
If you want to raise money for a video journalism project, you could look to crowdsourcing platforms such as Indiegogo or Kickstarter, or, the newest platform: Vourno. It allows journalists to raise
14 June 2013
In accepting his lifetime achievement award at the National Magazine Awards, long-time Toronto Life editor Stephen Trumper encouraged all Canadian publications to make their content available through
30 May 2013
If Darwin was around, he would read free online news instead of a print newspaper. That's according to a commercial on a Saskatchewan radio station promoting its free website. But rather than taking
27 May 2013
The Winnipeg Free Pre ss is restricting its online comments to print and online subscribers only in an effort to keep “the e-party going without the party-crashers.” The newspaper’s editor Paul Samyn


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