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18 February 2012
The new iBook authoring software is being used by two alternative media outlets for telling important stories and archiving stories. Wayne McPhail continues his exploration of this new technology and
12 February 2012
Will television be the next news medium to undergo a dramatic transformation? Robert Washburn explains how social TV products such as Apple iTV and Google TV will add a social layer to television
23 January 2012
The launch of the new Apple iBooks Author tool is aimed at challenging the textbook publishing market. Wayne MacPhail argues the new platform also gives journalists a new opportunity to create
03 January 2012
Journalist Wayne MacPhail looks into his crystal ball at dramatic changes to our phones, computers and the Internet. The ensuing innovations will be the next wave of communications devices
16 November 2011
The impending death of traditional media invokes plenty of questions – and angst. Alexis Beckett tells us why four online gurus in Vancouver say it’s time to instead shift the focus to social media’s
04 November 2011
For its second annual Rethink issue , Maclean’s is all about innovation – even when it comes to the magazine itself.
27 October 2011
When Anna Rodrigues looked around for Canadian journalism schools running hyperlocal blogs back in 2010, she couldn’t find any. How the Durham College instructor launched her own.
19 October 2011
Long before candidates hit the trail, the Toronto Star knew it wanted to do something big, and interactive, for Ontario's provincial election. Rhiannon Russell goes behind the scenes of the Star 's
24 August 2011
First-ever RTDNA digital chair Andrew Lundy and RTDNA president Andy LeBlanc talk optimistically on the shift toward digital, how it's changing journalism for the better, and why the recent name


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