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19 August 2011
This October, Montreal-based career journalist and businessman Warren Perley is launching a new online business model,, for freelance journalists who love the written word and wish to
03 August 2011
The future of news -- we bet you've heard that phrase a lot. With so many cool, new things happening in the journo world it can be hard to keep up with all the innovative -- and constantly evolving
27 July 2011
Reporters are now part of a content engine, cameras in hand. But how solid will that content be? Simon Doyle on the push for video. This story originally appeared in the Canadian Association of
19 May 2011
On Wednesday, the online publishing arm of the Atlantic , dubbed the Atlantic Wire , decided to open its online editing process to the public. At first they thought it would be a one-day-only
18 April 2011
We at J-Source are always on the look-out for new and interesting ways of covering big stories and events. Thanks to the increasing social media storm surrounding the so-crowned Twitter election, we'
15 April 2011
OpenFile and have have teamed up to produce community-driven election coverage. Readers at can now click on the "your idea" icon to visit OpenFile and suggest election stories
15 April 2011
OK, so it's been coined the "Twitter Election." And, indeed, much has been made of the Twitter traffic surrounding Tuesday's English-language leaders' debate. But which debate comments set off the
13 April 2011
It ain't called the Twitter campaign for nothing. If anything can be concluded about last night's debate, it's that this election is all about social media. As The Globe and Mail reports, #db8-tagged
29 March 2011
Last week the New York Times started charging Canadians for access to online content, and it plans to roll out its U.S. subscriptions this week. Good idea or bad idea? Rob Washburn reports.


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