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28 April 2009
There are some excellent statistical resources available to those working on swine flu stories...Read more
03 February 2009
Journalists have been asking for electronic records from Canadian governments for at least 15 years. There have been a few encouraging developments, writes Fred Vallance-Jones , but a recent FOI
04 January 2009
Web scraping is a way to download large amounts of information from government websites for later analysis in a database. It is making possible stories that would be impossible for the causal hunt
17 December 2008
It used to be that you had to pay big dollars for GIS data. That's changing quickly as more and more government agencies make their maps available at no charge.
29 October 2008
Nova Scotia is now posting the results of restaurant health inspections online. The new website allows anyone to search for inspections that have been done since July 10. Users can search by
24 October 2008
Election nights are great for journalism, but they turn out to be great for journalism instructors as well. Second-year students at the University of King's College covered the October 14, 2008
19 October 2008
The Conservatives won the October 14 election, gaining what one writer called a "muscular majority." But did they win, or the Liberals lose? A spreadsheet can help figure it out.
19 September 2008
Elections produce a lot of numbers. A guide to some of the online resources available to help you get on top of the numbers game.
29 June 2008
Capital Health officially launches its new restaurant inspection website on Canada Day, 2008. The agency is responsible for health care in the Edmonton area and inspects more than 8,000 restaurants


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