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25 July 2017
Wawatay Native Communication Society says it was denied the Toronto and Ottawa licenses because of its government funding.
04 July 2017
Founder Sana Malik said the site is about “people who want to express themselves.”Read more
20 June 2017
If you want to learn about the Muslim community, don’t read the news, says the associate editor of The Islamic Monthly.
16 June 2017
While the value of different sources can be subjective, newsrooms have a responsibility to interrogate their choices surrounding which voices get the most coverage.
24 May 2017
The writers featured in the latest issue of Write Magazine deserve notice for their excellent work.Read more
15 May 2017
Walrus editor Jonathan Kay resigns after controversy over the weekend.Read more
12 May 2017
Data from the last ten years shows that men still overwhelmingly winning NNAs.Read more
30 March 2017
A new project,, wants women to be front and centre as experts.Read more


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