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21 March 2017
How 1.5 million hearing or visually impaired Canadians stay up-to-date.Read more
14 March 2017
Indigenous people want their leaders held accountable, but journalists should be cautious about perpetuating negative stereotypes.
14 March 2017
Having more diverse voices, names and faces reflected in our media would help restore the credibility of journalists in the eyes of many Canadians
13 March 2017
Canada’s newspaper columnists are overwhelmingly male, white, straight and middle-aged, according to a J-Source survey of 125 columnists.
28 February 2017
On Feb.22, journalists of colour explained some of the challenges they have faced while working in the Canadian media industry at a CJF panel.
Front page of the Clarion, 1946
02 February 2017
Carrie Best and Sherri Borden Colley both told Desmond’s story, 64 years apart.
09 January 2017
How LGBTQ journalists navigate the workplaceRead more
20 December 2016
Arcand's words "underlines the need to help understand the impact of residential schools on Indigenous communities.”Read more
15 December 2016
Indigenous documentary filmmakers focus on unheard perspectivesRead more


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