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30 November 2012
When Mitt Romney made his now-infamous “binders full of women” comment during the second U.S. Presidential debate back in October, the Internet latched on. As with most viral things these days,
06 September 2012
September 6 marks the 17 th anniversary of the death of Dudley George — an unarmed First Nations occupier shot and killed by an OPP officer at Ipperwash Provincial Park in Southwestern Ontario. But
01 May 2012
Duncan McCue and a class of University of British Columbia journalism graduate students have produced eight feature stories that show there is more to Aboriginal communities than problem people and
24 April 2012
Newspaper subscriptions may be waning in places where digital technology has been widely adopted and online news is quite literally at your fingertips at all times by means of smartphone technology,
04 April 2012
Journalists report on a colourful world. So why are newsrooms so white? That is the question that Iris Estrada answers in this piece published in the latest issue of the King’s Journalism Review.
26 March 2012
Last year's adaptation of The Elements of Style wasn't the first time young, white, educated males have parodied hip hop, and it surely won't be the last. But Chris Richardson , a media studies PhD
30 November 2011
Duncan McCue, a UBC journalism professor and reporter for CBC’s The National has launched a website to help journalists report about Aboriginal communities. Belinda Alzner spoke with McCue about why
09 November 2011
Much has been made over the lack of women’s bylines in the opinion pages, but what about the number of women pontificators? We talk to Informed Opinions founder Shari Graydon about the dearth of
24 February 2011
Dublin, 24 February 2011. The European section of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC-Europe) initiated today a three-day conference in Dublin, Ireland, to highlight


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