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12 September 2016
Is that what led to the decision to publish a problematic article citing a so-called ‘study’ of Canadian mosques and Islamic schools that was first presented to readers without any reality checks?
09 September 2016
Co-hosted by Denise Balkissoon and Hannah Sung, the new podcast talks about race in Canada.Read more
04 July 2016
Al-Solaylee's new book, Brown: What Being Brown in the World Today Means (to Everyone), was released earlier this year.
22 June 2016
What can media do better in reporting on our missing loved ones?Read more
19 May 2016
Efforts by the City of Brampton to reach newcomers through ethnic media will be an important test of how municipalities can better communicate with newcomers, particularly those who struggle with
28 April 2016
It’s taken years for broadcast news to be accessible for people who are Deaf. And there’s still a long way to go.
25 April 2016
Israr Kasana thought he was not being naïve or a ninnyhammer when he decided to relocate as a family to North America yet again, this time to Canada. That was a year ago.
18 April 2016
Kelly Geraldine Malone explains the motivation behind her story that sparked a national dialogue.
08 April 2016
Erin Sylvester's feature explores the work that Indigenous journalists are doing and how newsrooms in Canada can do a better job of including Indigenous voices.


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