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08 April 2016
Erin Sylvester's feature explores the work that Indigenous journalists are doing and how newsrooms in Canada can do a better job of including Indigenous voices.
08 April 2016
At a CJF J-Talk on Apr. 5, panel of journalists discuss how LGBT stories are told and who gets to tell them.Read more
07 April 2016
Anda Zeng explores why the longer the responsibility of representing diversity weighs on a few, the longer newsrooms deprive Canadians of richer journalism.
10 March 2016
Despite an increase in outreach efforts, some members of Brampton’s ethnic media still feel disconnected from the City.Read
08 March 2016
A video from CBC Marketplace showing a First Nations man being shadowed by clerks in a Regina store has gone viral.
03 March 2016
We talk about “diversity” a lot but rarely do we understand or directly address the personal turmoil or long-lasting impact it has on the people and communities the term defines.
24 February 2016
Journalists must embrace their role as educators when reporting on indigenous issues and recognize how their work shapes perceptions.
04 February 2016
At a time when national and local mainstream media seem to be downsizing and shutting down daily, where does Canada’s ethnic media fit in?
03 February 2016
As far back as the 1930s, black journalists in Montreal have been creating and fighting for space for their voices.


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