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24 February 2016
Journalists must embrace their role as educators when reporting on indigenous issues and recognize how their work shapes perceptions.
04 February 2016
At a time when national and local mainstream media seem to be downsizing and shutting down daily, where does Canada’s ethnic media fit in?
03 February 2016
As far back as the 1930s, black journalists in Montreal have been creating and fighting for space for their voices.
03 February 2016
New media guide outlines how to report about trans and gender diverse people respectfully and accurately.Read more
02 February 2016
International students and children of immigrants say pursuing post-secondary studies in journalism can motivate both encouragement and opposition from their parents.
17 November 2015
Freelance photographer Yuli Scheidt hopes she can help women and non-binary people with their professional images.
17 November 2015
Journalists gather in Regina to discuss current efforts to decolonize media.Read more
02 November 2015
The large number of young women entering journalism today are well positioned to challenge sexism in the newsroom says journalist and author Vivian Smith.
28 October 2015
New scholarship will help fund tuition for a student with a disability at Ryerson University.Read more


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