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23 October 2015
Launched in 2014, JHR’s Indigenous Reporting Program supports young, Indigenous people who are working towards becoming established journalists.
14 October 2015
A newsroom lacking in diversity fails to deliver the whole story, while empathy drawn from experience can produce better reporting.
07 October 2015
Unreserved, which started as a regional news and storytelling show last year, was added to Radio One line-up Aug. 30.
11 August 2015
Though multilingual publications and broadcasts have relatively small markets, it’s a mistake to overlook their political diversity, reach and longevity say advocates.
05 August 2015
An increasing number of media coverage of individual immigration law cases tread dangerously close to appeals to emotion—presenting incomplete facts and ideal outcomes.
21 July 2015
University of Toronto professor's book-length study examines how race factors into news stories about politicians and political candidates.
20 July 2015
Every week a new study on autism seems to surface, and too often there are errors or critical omissions in some of the media coverage on the topic.
03 July 2015
Yesterday morning, Canadaland’s Jesse Brown published a report claiming women were quitting positions from the Globe and Mail due to an institutionally sexist work environment.
03 July 2015
If advocating for women’s equality in newsrooms is the goal, Brown’s reporting falls short of it.Read more


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