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02 July 2015
This online series from Edge YK magazine proves that, even in a small city of 20,000, there is no shortage of characters with fascinating stories to tell.
19 June 2015
Women, Smith writes, are still outsiders in the newspaper business, loving their jobs even as they think about moving on.
16 June 2015
News organizations and journalists aren’t doing enough to secure data and communications—and it could put whistleblowers and other sources at risk.
30 April 2015
When Desmond Cole began writing a Toronto Life feature on the experience of being Black in Toronto, he thought he’d tell the stories of other people—until his editor suggested he tell his own.
30 March 2015
As the first female sportswriter for the Chicago Tribune in the 1980s, I considered myself a pioneer. Then I discovered that a woman sportswriter had worked for The Globe and Mail in the 1930s.
03 March 2015
Later this year, New Canadian Media will launch a series of skills-based workshops for third-language (i.e., neither English nor French) newsrooms across the country.
03 March 2015
Join us on Monday, March 2 at 6:30 p.m. for a live blog of the Canadian Journalism Foundation's upcoming J-Talk. "Ceiling, Cracked? News Women in Charge".
23 February 2015
To the extent that there are jobs left in the political cartooning field, the majority still belong to men.
10 February 2015
Most journalists lack knowledge on how to describe Canada’s indigenous populations, says panel speaker.Read


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