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18 August 2014
New Canadian Media founder George Abraham reflects on his project’s first four years and what the future holds for immigrant journalism.
11 August 2014
If we believe that newspapers should reflect their communities, it is fair to say Brunswick News could do better when it comes to female representation in the pages of its publications, writes
25 March 2014
JHR and Loyalist College also recently announced a scholarship that will give mentees in the northern Ontario program the opportunity to spend eight weeks at the Loyalist-Trent Summer Institute in
14 January 2014
A J-Source survey of 339 Canadian news columnists found that—at least in terms of age and gender—they do not accurately represent the Canadian population.
29 November 2013
The fewer the media outlets, the fewer choices Canadian journalists have in terms of full-time, part-time and freelance employment. Dwayne Winseck, CMCRP director and Carleton University journalism
05 September 2013
A new Journalists for Human Rights study shows that stories about aboriginal issues made up less than one per cent of media coverage for three years running – despite events such as the Attawapiskat
22 August 2013
Although there is nothing specific in The Globe and Mail’s style guide, the practice for transgender people, has been to respect the wishes of the individual as to whether he or she wishes to
25 July 2013
Here's a theory that could help newspapers win their most lucrative ad audience back: Perhaps editors should pay more attention to studies of what women actually do instead of relying on what market
11 July 2013
JHR has trained journalists mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa, but now it’s going to northern Ontario seeking to increase Aboriginal-Canadian participation in local and national media. It’s sending two


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