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21 April 2017
Brazeau is the digital content producer for the Grand Slam of Curling website.Read more
20 April 2017
How the RRJ approached profiling the editor-in-chief Twitter loves to hate.Read more
18 April 2017
UBC student newspaper the Ubyssey fought for admission rubrics for four years before the documents were leaked to them.
05 April 2017
Changes in store for the 2017 edition, produced by the biggest masthead in its history.Read more
03 April 2017
As today’s reporters continue to be asked to do more multi-platform work, possessing some basic skills and knowledge in graphic design is invaluable.
27 March 2017
Amy Reid explains how she reported on the rise of fentanyl addiction in Surrey.Read more
23 March 2017
Professors have realized that decolonizing and learning will be an ongoing process.Read more
07 March 2017
While newsrooms benefit from online analytics that help journalists understand what audiences want, this data can’t be the only determinants.
02 March 2017
Reporters can learn a few lessons from the mistake made during the Oscars telecast.Read more


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