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01 November 2016
Toronto Star journalist Kevin Donovan gives a behind the scenes look at the investigation of Ghomeshi.
28 October 2016
The poll analyst explains his methodology for combining various polls, and how he’s been tracking the U.S. election.
21 October 2016
Students and professors at the Ottawa based college are tired of being asked for free work by national media outlets.
19 October 2016
Reporters working in Canadian newsrooms should receive diversity training just like police officers and health workers do says McCue.
18 October 2016
Sonntag was awarded the Michener-Deacon Fellowship for Journalism Education to do project on Canadian resource extraction companies with 26 student journalists and partners.
13 October 2016
Braga broke news about how Canadian police services use cellphone surveillance in investigations.Read more
12 October 2016
At a Sept. 30 panel at the CBC, Peter Mansbridge, Duncan McCue, Rosemary Barton, Paul Hunter, Diane Swain and Adrienne Arsenault took the audience behind the scenes at the CBC.
22 September 2016
IRP students will partner with students at four partner universities to produce a cross-border journalism project.
19 September 2016
The study by Gavin Adamson examined the content of articles dealing with mental health and how they were shared across digital platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


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