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25 February 2016
Studying a discipline outside of journalism can be helpful for students.Read more
24 February 2016
Gregoire reported on her own past to tell a story about endemic sexual abuse in Nunavut.Read more
22 February 2016
Truth and Reconciliation Commission calls on journalism schools to train students to report on Aboriginal issues.
16 February 2016
More than three months of investigation led to reporter Kathy Tomlinson's scoop.Read more
09 February 2016
The CBC’s Adrienne Arsenault recalls covering Ebola from the frontlines of the outbreak in Liberia.Read more
08 February 2016
As print pick-up slows, campus newspapers are looking to new models to get their stories to students.Read more
05 February 2016
Kids make nutritious snacks. Snappy headline? Case of cannibalism? Or, a misplaced modifier?Read more
02 February 2016
International students and children of immigrants say pursuing post-secondary studies in journalism can motivate both encouragement and opposition from their parents.
27 January 2016
The documentary, Denendeh, was created by University of Regina School of Journalism students in 2010.


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