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30 August 2006
In the opening to his essay on the education of journalists, Canadian journalism educator, G. Stuart Adam writes: "Journalism is made; it doesn't just happen. So the language we use to see it and
30 August 2006
Five American universities have found a way to work together so students can learn to do large-scale investigative reporting projects.
24 August 2006
The Canadian Association of Newspaper Editors has produced a substantial list of tip sheets on a variety of writing, reporting and editing challenges which Canadian journalism educators may find very
13 December 1901
The combinations of skills needed by journalists are no longer narrow and j-schools are becoming more relevant in this context, writes Robert Washburn . But it is impossible to teach everything and
13 December 1901
This website provides a well organized list of useful resources and tip sheets for writing and producing journalism for presentation online. It's put together by Mindy McAdams, who teaches online


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