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29 August 2010
The New York Times 's various mechanisms for accountability to readers and subjects, include, according to its executive editor, not just the public editor but a managing editor and associate editor
23 August 2010
Many journalism organizations offer ethics guidelines, including the Canadian Association of Journalists, which has both a general statement of principles for ethical journalism and an expanded
20 August 2010
Not-a-lot-of-skill-testing question: which "local newspaper" does the Toronto Star mean when it reports : "Two and a half hours earlier, Ford was hosting a news conference to explain why it appeared
08 June 2010
In which Ivor Shapiro , an old-dog reporter who just happens to be J-Source's Ethics editor, explains how he learned, first-hand, that the new tricks of real-time reporting can be perilous. As a
07 June 2010
CAJ Ethics Report - Reposting and Retweeting by jsource2007Read more
11 May 2010
After nine years in court, the National Post has been ordered to hand over its Shawinigate document in a Supreme Court ruling that offers mixed results for the protection of sources. The Canadian
27 April 2010
A week after ProPublica accepts one of journalism's top prizes for a story funded by foundations and universities, Cecil Rosner examines the growing trend of non-profit, non-partisan investigative
08 April 2010
Former board member Deborah Campbell , one of many supporters of the Canadian Association of Journalists who abandoned it in 2004-2005, explains why she left -- and why she thinks the CAJ cannot move
24 February 2010
Conflict photographers explain their thinking behind their iconic shots in "The Shooting War," a powerful photographic essay on the Foreign Policy web site.


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