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08 June 2010
In which Ivor Shapiro , an old-dog reporter who just happens to be J-Source's Ethics editor, explains how he learned, first-hand, that the new tricks of real-time reporting can be perilous. As a
07 June 2010
CAJ Ethics Report - Reposting and Retweeting by jsource2007Read more
11 May 2010
After nine years in court, the National Post has been ordered to hand over its Shawinigate document in a Supreme Court ruling that offers mixed results for the protection of sources. The Canadian
27 April 2010
A week after ProPublica accepts one of journalism's top prizes for a story funded by foundations and universities, Cecil Rosner examines the growing trend of non-profit, non-partisan investigative
08 April 2010
Former board member Deborah Campbell , one of many supporters of the Canadian Association of Journalists who abandoned it in 2004-2005, explains why she left -- and why she thinks the CAJ cannot move
24 February 2010
Conflict photographers explain their thinking behind their iconic shots in "The Shooting War," a powerful photographic essay on the Foreign Policy web site.
24 February 2010
Broadcasters in Quebec and Australia are in hot water for on-air references to the sexual orientation of Olympic figure skaters. In Canada, a gay rights group wants a public apology from French-
18 February 2010
How well did social media and journalism perform when some twit reported that Canadian music icon Gordon Lightfoot had died? Not so well, says Dale Bass.
16 February 2010
Should The Globe and Mail tell Canadians what we should think about the Olympics, among other issues, on its front page? Anne McNeilly , former Globe journalist and now journalism professor, thinks


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