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09 February 2010
The Winter Olympic Games are more about marketing and corporations than athletes — and journalists should not become part of all the hype and hoopla, argues Jim Van Horne .
30 December 2009
With the recent Supreme Court decision to widen the available defences to defamation actions comes added responsibilities. Journalists must now debate what constitutes responsible journalism, writes
14 December 2009
Jody White's account of being asked to leave Al Gore's speech, to clear the field for the event's media partner The Toronto Star , reminded me of two recent related incidents....
10 November 2009
CAJ Ethics Report - Protection of Sources 2009-11-10 by jsource2007Read more
17 September 2009
The Globe and Mail' s Andre Picard reports on the recent suicide of a 19-year-old law student who jumped from a high rise residence at the University of Ottawa, and asks: "Is that news? If so, how
25 August 2009
A column by The Globe and Mail 's Margaret Wente so closely resembles one written by The New York Times 's Maureen Dowd that at least one blog is suggesting she stole it. Anne McNeilly asks whether
10 October 2008
The Toronto Star reports on the political score-keeping over CTV's airing of an interview with Stéphane Dion. The Star's front-page link to its daily poll asks readers...
21 January 2008
Reporter Krista Erickson acted inappropriately and with "journalistic zeal" said CBC News publisher John Cruickshank in a letter to the Conservative Party. The party had complained of "collusion" to
31 October 2007
Journalists using social networking sites, photo sharing sites and other new media technologies to gather information face new ethical challenges. Journalists are being forced to re-evaluate such


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