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11 March 2016
CBC, CTV and the National Post posted a controversial video from the Bosma trial. The Hamilton Spectator did not. Here’s why.
16 February 2016
When a sexual assault complainant asks to be publicly identified careful consideration is still required.
22 January 2016
We need to find new ways to support media outlets that don’t depend on advertising revenue.Read
17 December 2015
“They were homophobic. They were racist. They were sexist and in many cases they were just stupid,” said editor Michael Cooke.
09 December 2015
It’s clear that newsrooms, in the age of social media and ubiquitous video, would not be well served by a document simply explaining why payments should never be made.
08 December 2015
Sean Eckford leaves job of nine years after management allegedly asks all staff to participate in a one-day voluntary ad sales blitz.
07 December 2015
Journalistic practice demonstrates difference in how North American and European reporters perceive role of government.
30 November 2015
The move is based on journalism practices in Swedish and Dutch media.
25 November 2015
“There's no question we're a product of the contraction of the newspaper business,” says NNC president and CEO John Fraser.


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