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30 November 2015
The move is based on journalism practices in Swedish and Dutch media.
25 November 2015
“There's no question we're a product of the contraction of the newspaper business,” says NNC president and CEO John Fraser.
24 September 2015
The media revolution undermined the existing framework, says Stephen Ward.Read more
13 August 2015
Esther Enkin responds to multiple complaints about the characterization of #GamerGate.Read more
12 August 2015
It is up to an editor to make a choice about which image best captures the subject or works best with the article.
11 August 2015
An Ontario superior court judge has dismissed a charter challenge filed against a practice that saw a handful of provincial police officers pose as journalists.
05 August 2015
An increasing number of media coverage of individual immigration law cases tread dangerously close to appeals to emotion—presenting incomplete facts and ideal outcomes.
04 August 2015
Q listener files complaint over show’s characterization of #GamerGate.Read more
04 August 2015
The role of public editor represents the Toronto Star's strong commitment to accountability and transparency.Read


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