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05 August 2015
An increasing number of media coverage of individual immigration law cases tread dangerously close to appeals to emotion—presenting incomplete facts and ideal outcomes.
04 August 2015
Q listener files complaint over show’s characterization of #GamerGate.Read more
04 August 2015
The role of public editor represents the Toronto Star's strong commitment to accountability and transparency.Read
27 July 2015
After a bystander yelled FHRITP to her while covering the Pan Am Games closing ceremony, CBC Toronto journalist Charlsie Agro has filed a police report.
27 July 2015
The legal challenge to Canada’s anti-terrorism law led to a tough decision for the Star’s national security reporter.
22 July 2015
In a radio piece out of Iran, reporter Derek Stoffel used the image of people arriving in a horse drawn carriage at the Grand Bazaar in Tehran as a scene setter about the mood on the eve of the
22 July 2015
The complainant questioned the status of Rex Murphy and Peter Mansbridge as honorary patrons of the “Mother Canada” war memorial proposed for Cape Breton
20 July 2015
Every week a new study on autism seems to surface, and too often there are errors or critical omissions in some of the media coverage on the topic.
15 July 2015
This fall, British Columbia, Ontario and Atlantic Canada’s press councils will amalgamate into a national body.Read


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