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20 February 2015
After investigation findings, Times & Transcript assistant managing editor has resigned and managing editor is no longer employed by Brunswick News.
09 January 2015
The Toronto Star reveals that Global anchor co-owns PR firm whose clients appeared on his shows.
03 November 2014
The victim’s name evoked a country-wide push to improve police response to sexual assault. But the media couldn't report her name because of a publication ban.
04 November 2014
By Stephen J.A. Ward How should we reconstruct journalism ethics now that a media revolution has left a pre-digital, professional consensus in fragments? That appears to be the question for ethicists
05 November 2014
There are two common misconceptions: journalists only talk about suicide in an over-the-top, sensational manner, and this spotlight on high-profile celebrity suicides is in contrast to a long-
29 August 2014
It is easy to dismiss the proposal for a national press council as “out-dated.” Even the world “press” conjures up images of reporters from the previous century wearing a sign in their hats that said
20 August 2014
Newspapers Canada is soliciting feedback from its members on a proposal for a national press council to be launched in 2015.
14 August 2014
Media ethicist Stephen J.A. Ward takes stock of the two most common ways of rewriting ethic codes—DIY ethics and a depersonalized approach—and finds them both wanting.
24 July 2014
A new report from the Canadian Association of Journalists’ ethics committee looks at when a relationship with a source is so close that it's apt to affect a journalist’s news judgment.


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