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02 August 2017
A lot of reporting and writing involves some form of travel anyway — how else are stories found?Read more
08 May 2017
Writing, like sports, is a series of choices, says veteran reporter who broke the story of an NHL prospect’s traumatic past.
02 May 2017
In response to the work, the federal government has made a verbal commitment to resume tracking First Nations’ fire deaths, after a seven-year hiatus.
24 April 2017
The RRJ’s Catherine Phillips examines how pervasive sexism still is at Canadian media organizations.Read more
21 April 2017
Brazeau is the digital content producer for the Grand Slam of Curling website.Read more
20 April 2017
How the RRJ approached profiling the editor-in-chief Twitter loves to hate.Read more
27 March 2017
Amy Reid explains how she reported on the rise of fentanyl addiction in Surrey.Read more
13 December 2016
“Give them an opportunity. Give them a chance to develop. Just keep investing in Indigenous people.”Read more
07 December 2016
“It’s all about applying the same level of critical thinking that you do about everything else, to Indigenous issues.”


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