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07 September 2016
Julie McCann speaks to five of her former students four years after they graduated.Read more
01 September 2016
What would journalists do if they could do journalism school over?Read more
25 August 2016
Financial Post business and media reporter Sean Craig explains why it is a matter of public interest to look closely at newsrooms.
25 July 2016
As Assistant Editor and Reporter at The Eastern Door, Daniel J. Rowe shares stories from the Kahnawake Mohawk community that deserve to be told.
09 June 2016
Launched in June 2015 by St. Joseph Media, Twelve Thirty Six quickly became Toronto’s go-to lunchtime tabloid.Read
09 June 2016
Toronto based journalist Nicholas Hune-Brown leads all individual National Magazine Award nominees with five nominations this year.
31 May 2016
Eleven of the magazine pieces she edited last year have been nominated for NMA awards.Read more
24 May 2016
Ho’s Toronto Life story “Jennifer Pan’s Revenge” explores why Pan tried to have her parents killed.
27 April 2016
Why developing professional relationships with police officers matters for crime reporters.Read more


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