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14 June 2011
Robert MacNeil's four-decade long journalism career is full of well-deserved accolades. Now, the former NewsHour host will add another to the list. J-Source talks to tonight's Canadian Journalism
07 June 2011
From a tip about a former advisor in the PMO's office to one of the juiciest political scandals of the year. David McKie talks with Paul Barnsley, executive producer of APTN Investigates about the
26 May 2011
Reuters journalist Suleiman al-Khalidi, a Jordanian citizen, was arrested and held in Syria for four days nearly two months ago. Today, Reuters published a story by Al-Khalidi describing his
20 May 2011
Yesterday, we told J-Source readers to go check out Ira Basen 's new article in Maisonneuve about algorithms and content farms. Today, Basen shares his thoughts on the top farm, Demand Media, and a
17 May 2011
Director Steve Pennie captures CBC's election coverage step-by-step, from the drop of the writ till the lights go out election night.
15 March 2011
When freelancer Chris Fox agreed to cover the Ontario University Athletics Women’s hockey final for the Kingston Whig-Standard , he didn’t realize what kind of commitment he was making. The historic
01 March 2011
When sports becomes news the rules of the game become blurred. CTV reporter and anchor Reg Hampton reflects on the peculiarities of covering The Heritage Classic in Calgary, and the frustration of
15 February 2011
Wilf Dinnick has reported stories from around the world, but as events unfold in Egypt he's using Twitter for minute-by-minute accounts of what journalists on the ground are experiencing--including
08 February 2011
How do you wrap a medical story when the medical community won’t talk about it? You turn to the audience. CTV health reporter Karen Owen explores the practical and ethical challenges of covering the


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