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15 October 2015
Recipient of the 2015 Michelle Lang Fellowship explains how his five-part Calgary Herald series came to be.
06 August 2015
So far this season, Regina Leader-Post’s Rob Vanstone has spent at least twice as long answering emails from distraught Roughriders fans as he has writing columns.
02 July 2015
This online series from Edge YK magazine proves that, even in a small city of 20,000, there is no shortage of characters with fascinating stories to tell.
24 June 2015
Academic panel calls on peers to have their voices heard in the media—and cut through the noise coming from think thanks and lobbyists.
23 June 2015
Eight things field placement hosts can do to encourage a student reporters’ best work.Read more
27 May 2015
Simon Bredin's profile of the Power & Politics host charts a transformation from a brash magazine editor to someone who is very much a creature of television.
20 May 2015
“Silenced Spring” profiles environment reporters who are asking the public for money in order to write in-depth, quality stories that they feel are lacking in mainstream media.
13 May 2015
Yusur Al Bahrani considers the risks of using social media when reporting on terrorism-related stories.
12 May 2015
How a reporter and photographer illustrated a war that’s a long time gone—on foot.Read more


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