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07 January 2014
Did your journalism student turn in a cringe-worthy headline? Completely missed the point in the nut graf? You may not think you can nicely butcher a student's story, but Sheridan College's Nicole
09 December 2013
Many journalists have worked on a Nelson Mandela story, far fewer are lucky enough to have met him. Michael Smith shares his personal brush with greatness, and describes how Mandela left an
06 December 2013
In journalism school, you learn about responsible journalism: It’s important to think critically, be accurate and tell fair and balanced stories. And keeping the facts straight shows respect to
28 November 2013
Meet the journalists responsible for the biggest story to ever come out of Toronto City Hall. Hear how they did it and what’s next. This will be a lively panel discussion followed by a Q&A.
13 November 2013
J-Source and Maclean's teamed up to live blog Question Period and explain what the press gallery does during this daily weekday political theatre arena.
12 November 2013
The Vancouver Sun won the 2013 Jack Webster Award for Best Reporting of the Year in Print for its coverage of Amanda Todd—who committed suicide after posting a video detailing being bullied. But a
11 November 2013
Municipal politics can be a tough beat to cover, especially for a new reporter. Katie Starr, the council reporter for Norfolk News in southwestern Ontario and recent graduate of Western University’s
05 November 2013
Two recent Canadian journalism graduates, dreaming of careers as international journalists, caught the break of a lifetime while on fellowships with the Aga Khan Foundation Canada.
05 November 2013
Sun Media's national community manager Monique Beech offers her advice on how to search through tweets and the multiple search options.


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