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21 February 2017
On Feb. 25, protests organized by a coalition of journalism and free speech groups will take place across Canada.
CJFE Rallies outside Osgoode Hall
07 February 2017
Journalists today do their reporting using technologies that didn’t exist when many of the precedent-setting cases in Canadian law happened.
03 February 2017
Ben Makuch is fighting an RCMP production order to hand over information.Read more
11 January 2017
Most First Nations members don’t enjoy the right to access information and hold their governments to account that most Canadians take for granted.
05 December 2016
Is journalism becoming more dangerous?Read more
01 December 2016
New guidelines in Caps and Spelling say to include description as “a U.S.-based white nationalist movement.”
14 November 2016
Panel at Ryerson University discusses criticisms of Canada’s criminal laws against libel on Nov. 1.
08 November 2016
Andrew Douglas had been charged with violating a publication ban imposed at the preliminary hearing in the murder trial of Christopher Garnier.
03 November 2016
The Quebec government announced a full public inquiry Thursday after revelations various forces monitored reporters' phones.


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