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08 November 2016
Andrew Douglas had been charged with violating a publication ban imposed at the preliminary hearing in the murder trial of Christopher Garnier.
03 November 2016
The Quebec government announced a full public inquiry Thursday after revelations various forces monitored reporters' phones.
31 October 2016
A Montreal journalist says he was furious when he learned that city police monitored his iPhone for months in order to find out who he was speaking with.
31 October 2016
Justin Brake has to appear in court on Nov. 1 after he was named in a court order along with 21 protesters.
27 October 2016
The order is a clear violation of freedom of the press and an unacceptable assault on the public’s right to know.
20 October 2016
News and opinion outlet headed by right-wing commentator Ezra Levant denied on basis that it is ‘advocacy media’.
11 October 2016
Only 20 seconds of each interview was broadcast—RCMP wants the full interviews.Read more
28 September 2016
Accessing public information in Canada frequently entails multiple-year delays, seemingly arbitrary and generous redactions, and time-consuming appeals processes.
23 September 2016
Douglas, who was first summoned to appear in Halifax Provincial Court on Sept. 6, said he was surprised the Crown is proceeding with the case.


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