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28 September 2016
Accessing public information in Canada frequently entails multiple-year delays, seemingly arbitrary and generous redactions, and time-consuming appeals processes.
23 September 2016
Douglas, who was first summoned to appear in Halifax Provincial Court on Sept. 6, said he was surprised the Crown is proceeding with the case.
09 September 2016
CJFE adds its voice in calling for the Canadian government to immediately petition Iran for the safety and release of Dr. Homa Hoodfar.
18 August 2016
Managing Editor Andrew Douglas says he didn’t get information he published from the hearing.
05 July 2016
Reporter challenges ‘Barbaric Cultural Practices’ hotline through data.Read more
04 July 2016
Police will be included under the Local Authorities Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act should amendments introduced this spring be voted in.
20 May 2016
In late March, the Ontario Superior Court ruled that Vice News reporter Ben Makuch must hand over to the RCMP all communications between him and an ISIS fighter.
09 May 2016
Quebec protests put the spotlight on the heavy-handed treatment of journalists by police.Read more
04 May 2016
CJFE stressed that much of the positive news is promises by a new government, and momentum could still be lost.


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