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10 November 2015
On Nov. 9, Fahmy spoke with Neil Macdonald, CBC senior correspondent, at Carleton University.Read more
04 November 2015
Reporter Ben Makuch knew his Islamic State reporting would draw police attention but never fathomed they would order him to turn over his materials.
02 November 2015
Egyptian-Canadian journalist and author, Mohamed Fahmy, spoke with Toronto Star journalist Michelle Shephard at the Toronto Reference Library Nov. 2.
21 October 2015
Readers understand columnists have their own opinions. Why don’t owners?Read more
21 October 2015
Owners of newspapers have right to make endorsements, but readers need to know when they do so.Read more
20 October 2015
At a press conference in Toronto, Fahmy says Canada needs better protections for citizens in trouble abroad.
09 October 2015
Live coverage of Mohamed Fahmy's news conference in Toronto with Canadian Journalists for Free Expression.Read more
28 July 2015
Speaking with Henheffer about an upcoming Charter challenge against Bill C-51, and what the new law means for journalists.
27 July 2015
A Cairo court is expected to deliver a verdict Thursday for the Canadian journalist being tried on widely denounced terror charges.


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